3 ways to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the month of June

Most Catholic devotions are connected to a particular saint or feast day in the Church. But with the Sacred Heart, it’s personal. That is to say, the Sacred Heart is about the very heart of Jesus Himself. 

The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart takes place this year on Friday, June 11. Not only that, but the entire month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart. That means now is a great time to learn about devotion to the Sacred Heart and incorporate it into your own prayer life.  

Here are some simple ways you can practice devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in June.

1. Pray the Prayer to the Sacred Heart daily

The prayer card included in this month’s box features a beautiful prayer to the Sacred Heart. June is the perfect month for taking a moment to say this prayer every day. As you do, open your heart to Christ and ask Him for the grace to draw closer to His heart. The Lord loves to answer a prayer like that! 

2. Visit a Catholic Church once a week

The heart of Jesus overflows with love for us, and the Eucharist is the sacrament of that love. While you may not be able to make a holy hour of Adoration, you can spend time with Jesus in the tabernacle by making a short visit to a Catholic Church once a week. Don’t worry about what to do or say — simply tell Jesus you are here to spend some time in His presence, and thank Him for how much He loves you. You can read a book, you can write in your Sacred Heart prayer journal, or you can just sit quietly. What matters is that you came to be with the Lord, and He will be so grateful you took the time to visit! 

3. Choose something to give up this month

Lent may be over, but there’s a special way to fast during the month of June for the Sacred Heart. It has to do with a central theme of the devotion: Jesus’ heart loves so much, but it is so little loved in return. That means you can give up something (like you would during Lent) and offer it up for someone who does not know and love Jesus. Every one of us can probably think of at least one person, as well as something we could give up. It doesn’t have to be anything big — the intention is the main thing. Jesus can do a lot even with something small but intentional. 

May you grow closer to Christ in the Sacred Heart during these summer days. Have a blessed June, and see you next month! 

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