Set up a home altar in 3 easy steps

Home is where your family grows in the Catholic Faith. Looking for a simple way to get your spouse, your kids and, of course, yourself to be more prayerful every day? Set up a home altar!

We know how life gets. You’re juggling work, the kids and all those things that demand your time and energy. A home altar anchors your living space in the Faith and helps you stay prayerful and peaceful when life gets crazy. We love having one in our home, and we think you’ll love it too.

Here’s how to set up your own home altar using the gifts in your box.

1. Pick a small spot in your house.

When choosing a spot for your home altar, do what feels best. It can be a table. It can be a shelf. If you have small kids, don’t put it in a play zone. If your kids are older, try a table in the corner of the living room or dining room. What matters is that it works for you.

Your home altar may be small, but it will make a big impact. Just the sight of it as you go around the house can bring you a sense of calm and peace.

2. Decorate, but keep it simple.

Home altars don’t have to be fancy. Start with the basics, found in your box: a crucifix to hang on the wall, a candle to light for prayer, a book stand if you want to keep a Bible open and a small prayer book. Add one or two pictures of Jesus, Mary or your favorite saints, and you’re good to go.

You could also add a small basket to hold rosaries or scraps of paper to write prayer intentions on.

Again, do what works best for you. Trust us, a little goes a long way.

3. Pray for five to ten minutes each day.

Think of prayer around the home altar like working out new spiritual muscles with your family. Just as in physical exercise, when you try too much at once you get sore and discouraged. So keep it short at first.

Here’s a daily routine you can try. Everyone takes a turn to share one thing they’re grateful for that day, or how they experienced God that day. Then open up the floor for anyone to share a prayer intention. End with a prayer from the Holy Family prayer book that came in your box.

As you all get used to family prayer time each day, you can gradually incorporate more into the routine. And remember, you can stop in front of your home altar throughout the day to say a quick prayer too!

You can do this!

When you set up your home altar, remember: Start small and simple. Build it up over time. Stick to your habits of prayer and your home will be transformed into a more joyful, grace-filled place.

Have a blessed February, and see you next month!



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