Book Study on “The Glories of the Holy Angels” – Part 1

This month, we’re working our way through The Glories of the Holy Angels by Blessed Henri-Marie Boudon. I invite you to read along with us.

For our first book study, we’re focusing on the first 6 “Motives” from The Glories of the Holy Angels, pages 14- 27. It’s a quick read, and you’ll learn some AMAZING things about angels. I know I did.

To participate in this book study, you’ll need the following items:

• This month’s eBook (click here to download)
• This month’s Prayer Guide (click here to download)
• A journal for jotting down notes and reflections as you work your way through the eBook and Prayer Guide. Any notebook will do, but if you like the journal I’m using in this video, you can grab your own here.
• A cup of good coffee

Let’s get started!

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